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Remecare’s integrated care platform enables care teams to provide continuous care in the hospital and at home. Though personalised care pathways and patient reported outcomes, all care actors have the right info at the right time.

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These hospitals facilitate continuous care on top of Remecare

RemeCare for care pathway management and remote patient monitoring platform now available for Oncology.

Better outpatient care and improved outcomes.

The personalised care pathway adapts based on smart at-home therapy monitoring technology. This allows for timely interventions by the healthcare professional, leading to better outcomes.

  • Anticipate your patient’s symptoms
  • Treat more accurately thanks to more frequent patient measurements, even when they’re not in-practice
  • Invest time in high-need patients and put low-need patients on a low-touch pathway
  • Be aware of how the patient is experiencing the treatment at all times

Enhanced collaboration and communication

Enhance overall care management by delivering an efficient and unified healthcare experience that benefits patients and professionals alike.

  • Care path guided tasks for the right care actor at the right time
  • Centralised and up-to-date information for all care actors
  • Connect instantly and directly with patients at your own time

Reduced workload and increased efficiency

AI-based workstreams and smart patient triage enable a more efficient and collaborative approach to healthcare. A seamless integration with existing IT systems allow for rapid adoption in your care teams.

  • Increase your work capacity so you can provide treatment to more people at a time
  • Organise your department according to data and measurements
  • Dynamically adjust your team's work to individual patient needs
  • Avoid unnecessary hospitalisations
Integrated care starts here.
Process driven
The right task for the right provider at the right time.
AI triage
Avoid a data and alert tsunami through smart triage.
Pre-built care pathways
Start from our library, augment based on your own experience.
Daily PROMs
Better followup of symptoms and side effects.
Medication reminders
Increase therapy adherence.
Vitals monitoring
Many datapoints tell a full story. Supports connected home-health devices.
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Leading hospitals use Remecare

"Our consultations have become much more structured. By the time the patient arrives we have a full journal and know of any issues that they've had since the last visit."

Dr. Vincent Verschaeve
Oncologist responsible of the home care oncology program of the GHDC

"Thanks to Remecare we can differentiate whether symptoms should lead to a hospital visit or not."

Prof. Dr. Marc Peeters

"Remecare gives us a sense of security. We know if patients are therapy compliant and we can avoid emergencies or unexpected consultations."

Prof. Dr. Christof Vulsteke
Head of department Oncology AZ Maria Middelares

How to get started with Remecare

Our friendly team of experts will set up Remecare for you. After an onboarding session, your team and your patients will be ready to start enjoying the benefits of remote patient monitoring.

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We will take care of all the technicalities so you don't have to worry about it. We will even integrate Remecare with your existing hospital information system.


During an onboarding session with your whole team we will make sure that everyone is set up and running. We will provide guidance so that you can get the most out of the system.


You're now ready to roll! Your next patient will already be able to experience the benefits of remote care pathway management.

One solution. Multiple care pathways. Explore them all.

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March 10, 2022
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Maximizing return-on-care for clinical teams

Remecare is already available for an array of different care pathways. Schedule a demo below and start embracing a return-on-care built on top of Remecare today.

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