Everything you need to know about remote patient monitoring, digital care pathways and digital health.

New RemeCare mobile app now available

Patients use the mobile application ‘RemeCare’ to aggregate relevant parameters related to their home treatment and share them with the medical team. Based on user feedback, we have now improved the application, enabling treatments to be even better adapted to a patients’ individual needs.

How to get started with PROMs and PREMs

Getting started with PROMs and PREMs might feel a bit overwhelming at first. In this article, we guide you through the first steps.

Everything you need to know about PROMs and PREMs

PROMs & PEMs have been around for 30+ years. Their importance is now growing exponentially. But what are they and how do they defer?


Learn how RemeCare can help you provide better care to patients.

Case Studies

See examples of how leading hospitals have found success using remote patient monitoring and digital care pathway solutions.

Research Papers

What we and peers are seeing in the world of remote patient monitoring and digital care pathway solutions based on real-world evidence.

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