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OPAT en de opkomst van transmurale zorg: integreer thuisverpleging in uw zorgpad met Remecare

Het multidisciplinaire OPAT-traject is een eerste stap naar een toekomst waarin ambulante zorgpaden steeds meer de norm worden.

New: two-way EPD calendar integration

With Remecare's calendar integration, we've established a seamless two-way connection to the EPD calendar. This ensures that care pathways are automatically adapted based on upcoming patient consultations.

A digital care pathway for Multiple Sclerosis

Globally, Multiple Sclerosis (MS) affects over 2.3 million people. Navigating the journey of MS is often a complex process for both patients and healthcare providers.


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Case Studies

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What we and peers are seeing in the world of remote patient monitoring and digital care pathway solutions based on real-world evidence.

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