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Covid-19 patients discharged early thanks to telemonitoring

Thanks to telemonitoring, patients can return home an average of 2.5 days earlier. Surveys show that the majority of patients feel safer and more comfortable rehabilitating at home.

Successful implementation of home hospitalisation: the preconditions

Healthcare providers, patient representatives and policymakers discussed the legislation, financing, logistics, training and expertise of healthcare providers required to make home hospitalisation a success.

RemeCare monitors COVID patients at home

Remedus, the developer of telemonitoring technology RemeCare, is joining forces with the Huisartsenkring Aalst, the Aalst hospitals OLV and A.S.Z., the Z-plus care centre and the homecare organisation i-mens in a pilot project by the RIZIV in which COVID-19 patients can be safely followed up from home via telemonitoring.


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