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June 21, 2021
Jo Ravelingien
Covid-19 patients discharged early thanks to telemonitoring
Thanks to telemonitoring, patients can return home an average of 2.5 days earlier. Surveys show that the majority of patients feel safer and more comfortable rehabilitating at home.
April 28, 2021
Jo Ravelingien
Successful implementation of home hospitalisation: the preconditions
Healthcare providers, patient representatives and policymakers discussed the legislation, financing, logistics, training and expertise of healthcare providers required to make home hospitalisation a success.
March 12, 2021
Jo Ravelingien
RemeCare monitors COVID patients at home
Remedus, the developer of telemonitoring technology RemeCare, is joining forces with the Huisartsenkring Aalst, the Aalst hospitals OLV and A.S.Z., the Z-plus care centre and the homecare organisation i-mens in a pilot project by the RIZIV in which COVID-19 patients can be safely followed up from home via telemonitoring.
February 24, 2021
Jo Ravelingien
New RemeCare mobile app now available
Patients use the mobile application ‘RemeCare’ to aggregate relevant parameters related to their home treatment and share them with the medical team. Based on user feedback, we have now improved the application, enabling treatments to be even better adapted to a patients’ individual needs.


How to get started with PROMs and PREMs
Getting started with PROMs and PREMs might feel a bit overwhelming at first. In this article, we guide you through the first steps.
Everything you need to know about PROMs and PREMs
PROMs & PEMs have been around for 30+ years. Their importance is now growing exponentially. But what are they and how do they defer?
Does remote patient monitoring work?
The latest research suggests that Remote Patient Monitoring has a beneficial effect on patients (adherence, symptom distress, quality of life and satisfaction), providers (willingness to comply, clinical decision making, symptom management) and care systems (referrals, patient-provider communication, hospital visits.)
What is remote patient monitoring?
Remote patient monitoring or telemonitoring is an innovative and novel strategy which seeks to not only promote health, but improve patient engagement, management, and care.