June 21, 2021
Jo Ravelingien
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Covid-19 patients discharged early thanks to telemonitoring

Remecare supports the hospitals OLV and A.S.Z. in Aalst to let corona patients go home early and to prevent extra hospitalizations. Via the Remecare app, patients register their body temperature, oxygen saturation and heart rate twice a day. In case of a combination of deviating parameters, the doctor will be alerted automatically. 

Going home earlier

Thanks to telemonitoring, patients can return home an average of 2.5 days earlier. Surveys show that the majority of patients feel safer and more comfortable rehabilitating at home.

"The system is wonderful. It is reassuring. Instead of 'go home and take care of yourself’, you know that you will be followed up on." - Luc Van Damme, Covid Patient.

Preventing hospitalisation

The influx of hospital admissions is also reduced. People who test positive for corona are monitored through the app to avoid hospitalisation. 

"It is very reassuring that you are followed remotely. As soon as something goes wrong, we can intervene immediately." - Patrick Van Schandevijl, Covid Patient
"Thanks to the tele-monitoring system, we are only alerted when necessary. As a result, normal care can continue. " - Ingeborg Hofman, GP


This pilot project may also be continued for non-COVID patients.

This is a collaboration of Remecare with Mederi, the Huisartsenkring Aalst, the Aalst hospitals OLV and A.S.Z., the care centre Z-plus and home care organisation i-mens.

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