March 6, 2019
Jo Ravelingien
min read

Minister De Block evaluates 24 mobile health pilot projects

Today, Minister De Block evaluated the 24 mobile health pilot projects. Remedus is involved in 2 of those. In the HFCoach project, heart failure patients use the Remecare app for support with medication adherence, follow-up of vital parameters and heart failure symptoms. In the second project, AMTRA, oncology patients are helped to keep chemotherapy side effects under control as well as possible, so they can stick to the optimal dosage of anticancer medication as long as possible and without interruptions.

Thanks to the support of skilled technological and nursing partners among others, Remedus was able to show in both projects that mobile apps strongly improve communication between health-care providers and patients. Deploying Remedus’s technology helps to increase patients’ therapy adherence and helps to detect changes in the clinical picture, which results in less hospitalizations and emergencies.

Both pilot projects are still running to enable the partners in it to prove the health-economic advantages of the proposed solutions, in order to qualify for future reimbursement.

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