February 24, 2021
Jo Ravelingien
min read

New Remecare mobile app now available

Patients use the mobile application ‘Remecare’ to aggregate relevant parameters related to their home treatment and share them with the medical team. Based on user feedback, we have now improved the application, enabling treatments to be even better adapted to a patients’ individual needs.

Patients will now be able to enter their data more easily, link a measuring device via Bluetooth or report something. By improving the user-friendliness for the patient, reported data will become accessible to the medical team faster and more efficiently than before, helping them further optimize care decisions.

Especially in the current corona context, we want to emphasize the importance of quality “Remote Patient Monitoring”. We are working together towards better care for all patients through optimal support at home with medical and technological aids.

About Remecare

Remecare enables health care professionals to understand the full patient experience and make data-driven decisions to provide the best possible care at all times. With Remecare, patients are followed up remotely between hospital visits to ensure continuity of care.

Patients can report their medication intake, vital signs, symptoms, and side-effects daily through the mobile application. Based on these self-reported outcomes, the health care team can provide the patient with suitable advice or request a hospital visit if needed.

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