September 9, 2020
Jo Ravelingien
min read

Remecare is another step closer to reimbursement

Remote patient monitoring has proven to benefit patients, medical teams and healthcare systems alike. At Remecare, we want to make this life-changing technology available to the masses. That’s why we are working with government officials to make the Remecare platform a reimbursed medical expense.

The journey towards reimbursement consists of three chronological levels. Level 1 declares the platform as a certified medical device (CE). Remecare was one of the first four apps to receive this recognition in January 2019. Level 2 indicates that an application connects safely to other Belgian e-health services. Level 3 applications have proven social-economic evidence and are reimbursed by RIZIV.

Today, Remecare has been approved as a level 2 application.This means that Remecare meets all imposed criteria regarding authentication, security and the use of local e-health services. This approval is a significant milestone in our journey towards reimbursement. It is a confirmation of confidence from the local authorities in Remecare.

Real-world use cases have justified this confidence. A recently published study showed that patients monitored through the Remecare platform showed high compliance with oral chemotherapy (98.7%). Patients also stated that the patient-reported outcome system (PROM) was useful in communication with the care provider, and they felt more in control of their treatment.

Thank you to everyone who is supporting us on this journey, including RIZIV/INAMI, FOD Public Health, Agoria, beMedtech, FAGG, mhealthbelgium.

About Remecare

Remecare enables health care professionals to understand the full patient experience and to make data-driven decisions so that patients receive the best possible care at all times. Through Remecare, patients are followed up remotely between hospital visits to ensure continuity of care.

Through the mobile application, patients can report their medication intake, vital signs, symptoms and side-effects on a daily basis. Based on these self-reported outcomes, the health care team can provide the patient with suitable advise or request a hospital visit if needed.

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