April 28, 2021
Jo Ravelingien
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Successful implementation of home hospitalisation: the preconditions

On April 21st 2021, Kom Op Tegen Kanker, a Flemish NGO which pioneers in the fight against cancer, organised a debate to discuss home hospitalisation during cancer treatment. Healthcare providers, patient representatives and policymakers were invited to discuss the legislation, financing, logistics, training and expertise of healthcare providers required to make home hospitalisation a success.

Preconditions for home hospitalisation

Jo Ravelingien, the founder of Remecare, engaged in a panel with various healthcare providers to discuss their experience with implementing outpatient monitoring programs for cancer treatments.

The panellists stressed the urgent need for a legal definition and legal framework. An adapted funding model is another essential requirement: all healthcare actors must be properly reimbursed, and patients must not experience financial barriers.

Reassuring words from policymakers

During the event, Frank Vandenbroucke, Minister of Health and Social Affairs, said: “We intend to roll out hospitalisation at home structurally during this legislature. In the first place for antibiotics and oncological treatments. We are working hard to develop a legal, financial and organisational framework.”

You can watch a recording of the debate below.

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