December 13, 2017
Jo Ravelingien
min read

‘Zorgvinding’ 2017 – Cancer care laureate AZ Maria Middelares with Remecare app

Remedus and AZ Maria Middelares (Ghent) together received the title of laureate in the ‘Zorgvinding 2017’ competition which was held by In4Care. In4Care is a non-profit organization with members from the health-care industry who want to support innovative health-care ideas. We were chosen in the category of ‘cancer care’, by a jury with members of ‘Kom op tegen Kanker’ among others.

Together with AZ Maria Middelares, we submitted the AMTRA project. In that project, we support oncology patients with their medication intake and side effects management via the Remecare app.
The award comes with the sum of 10 000 euros. We will further discuss with AZ Maria Middelares how we will use this money. The official award distribution is planned for the 29th of January, 2018.

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